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City Ordinances and Legal Requirements

The City acts through ordinances.  Deed restrictions are applied to individual properties and are usually passed down from one owner to another.  The City does not enforce deed restrictions and therefore does not have any on file.  The Forest Hills Code of Ordinances can be viewed on the link provided below.


Some of the most common ordinances for The City of Forest Hills are listed below.



Chapter 92 of City Ordinances - It is illegal to park a vehicle on a residential street within the City of Forest Hills from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday-Friday, unless a Holiday.  Vehicles cannot be parked with four wheels in the grass.  A vehicle must be parked in the direction of traffic flow.  The parking of recreational vehicles is expressly prohibited unless for the purpose of loading or unloading or an out-of-town visitor.  (During the week of Christmas through New Year's, the City expects that there will be additional visitors to the homeowners and therefore will be more lenient to additional parking on the street.)


Permits must be obtained to park such vehicles, but the permit cannot exceed 48 hours for purposes of loading or unloading, or 72 hours in the case of out-of-town visitors.  The permits may be renewed one time for the same period, but no more than one renewal may be issued.  Permits must be obtained from the City Clerk


Animal Control

The City of Forest Hills has adopted the Jefferson County Animal Control Ordinance.  This ordinance requires that animals should be under their owner's control at all times.  The City receives numerous complaints about dog and cat owners who allow their pets to run free, overturn trash cans, annoy and sometimes injure other residents.  Please do not let your dog or cat run loose!  There are potential fines associated with the violation of this ordinance for the owner of the animal.



The City wishes to discourage door-to-door selling by outside business-related interests.  Chapter 111 of the City Ordinances addresses the prohibition of door-to-door peddling and attaches fines for doing so.  This ordinance was put in place to discourage con artists and other bothersome peddlers from going door-to-door within the City.  There are fines associated with the violation of this ordinance.  If you have someone come to your door or see someone going door-to-door, please contact the City Office or Commissioner of Safety and NSAP will be contacted to look into this person.


In-Home Business

The City wishes to discourage in-home businesses which might generate significant traffic in and out of the City. There is both City of Forest Hills and Jefferson County requirements which must be considered. Please contact the Forest Hills City Clerk before attempting to establish such a business within the City.


Environmental Nuisance Ordinance

Chapter 72 of City Ordinances addresses certain environmental nuisances such as tall grass and weeds, storage and disposal of waste and excessive noise.  Grass should be maintained no longer than 6: tall on improved or developed lots and no more than 12" on unimproved lots.  For more information as to the contents regarding noise or the disposal and/or storage of waste, please contact the Commissioner of Sanitation for a copy of the ordinances.


Current Ordinances

Ordinance No. 1, Tax Levy 2018-2019

Ordinance No. 2, Budget 2018-2019

Ordinance No. 3, Insurance Tax Rate




Code of Ordinances


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