City Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the Month at the Community of Christ Church

 (502) 261-0348


Property Taxes

The City's activities are funded for the most part by an annual property tax levy.  The taxes are levied on the real property values supplied by the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration (PVA).  The City of Forest Hills property tax bills are typically mailed out in early October.  The bills are due by December 31st with penalty and interest accruing as of February lst.  Both discounts and penalties apply to early and late payments of the bills.  Please check the property tax bills you receive in the mail for any available discounts or penalties which may apply.  The tax bill is generally paid out of an escrow account but the bill is sent to the homeowner and it is their responsibility to see that the mortgage company receives the bills for payment.  At least a portion of the City taxes you pay may be used as a deduction from your income tax.  Check with your accountant or financial advisor for details.  Tax payments should be sent to the City of Forest Hills c/o King Southern Bank, Safe Box 1001, 911 Blankenbaker Pkwy., Louisville KY. Homestead and Disability exemptions are allowed residents 65 or older and those who are disabled.  If you believe you qualify for either, click on the link below or contact the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration  at


The Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration re-evaluates all real estate properties throughout Jefferson County approximately every two years.  The City of Forest Hills bases its property tax assessment on the Jefferson Count property evaluations.  If you take exception to the assessed value of your property and want to appeal the evaluation, it will be necessary to directly contact the Jefferson County Property Valuation Office at the phone number at 574-6380.


If there is a name change or address change on a property tax bill, you must contact the PVA office to have this change made.  The PVA office maintains those records.  This usually must be done in writing.


Property Valuation Office

Fiscal Court Bldg

532 Court Place, Ste. 504

Louisville KY 40202-3393

Phone (502)574-6380

Fax (502)574-6108.



Insurance Premium Tax

All insurance premiums paid within Jefferson County are subject to an insurance premium tax.  When paying any insurance bills, please designate the City of Forest Hills as your place of residence.  This allows the insurance company to forward the tax back to the City.  If the insurance company is not aware of the city of your residence, they will forward the tax revenue to Jefferson County Government.   The receipt of these revenues by the City of Forest Hills greatly assists keeping our property taxes low.  If you are not sure where your premium tax is going, please check with your insurance agent.


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